Protect Your Investments

Vaunt 3D is a New Orleans Based company that understands what insurance companies are looking for when documenting disaster claims.  We know that without proper documentation your claim may be settled for less than you deserve or flat out denied.  Our documentation packages help you to get the money you are owed. Lack of documentation is one of the top reasons claims are denied.

Our process documents your home, condo and personal property and valuables in case of, or after a disaster.  Your property documentation are secured on our private cloud server which allows for access from anywhere, anytime, from any of your devices.

When you choose Vaunt 3D for your service, you will receive a protected account where you will have acess to any 3D walkthroughs, photos, videos, drone footage and PDF files. 

Why choose Vaunt 3D?

1 - We have worked with and for insurance companies and know what they want to see.
2 - We are a full service 3D and digital asset capture company.

3 - Fully mobile with a network of trained professionals.

4 - Video and Drone documentation available.

5 - 24 hour turn around time.

6 - Claims assistance - We can work with you to get the proper documentation to your insurance company or PA to minimize wait time. 

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